Friday, November 27, 2009

intensive fun with Reinfeld.

I have two hours until the u1500. I have the insane ambition of using this time
to do 30 problems from Reinfeld:

43 Nxe7

44 N x e5

45 1. Nxe7 Bxg4
2. Rxe1

46 1. c6 Rh8
2 h7 Rmoves away
3 c7

47 Nxc6

48 Qg3

43 wrong but close

44 correct

45 given as slow win. completely missed pin of queen and mate threat.

46 correct

47 missed d5 and play against king's rook

48 missed rook advance. Need to look more carefully for more violent
attacks. 24 problems to go. About 15 minutes expended.

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