Saturday, November 21, 2009

More fun with Reinfeld

After my ignominious defeat in the u1400, dramatically reducing my rating from 1375 to 1371, I now have a couple of hours to study for the u1500.

19 1. Rg4 if ... Q xg4 2. Q x f7+

20 1. Bxd5 if black recaptures with pawn white get queen. If recaptures with bishop
Qx f6 wins rook with strong mating attack

21. Rx g7 ch followed by Rg1 wins queen and pawn for two rooks , stopping the mate
threat and winning the game.

22. 1 bx g7, if queen takes rook pin. if rook block, take then second rook pin

23 Nf7 ch wins queen

24 Qxh4

Right on 5 out of 6 flubbed up 24. 15 minutes

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