Thursday, November 12, 2009

rook vs 1 pawn, two pawns

Got done grading calculus at 9:15 EST. Hoped to have 1 1/2 hours to study the survival guide
to rook's endings. Didn't quite work out because at 9:30 my wife insisted on talking to me for 20 minutes about the prerequisite structure of our analysis courses.

Still managed to play through the examples of rook vs. 1 pawn and rook vs. 2 pawns. Got done at 10:30 EST. Will play nightly u1500 at 11:00 EST wish me luck. The pairings are determined
by rank ordering of blitz ratings. After indiscriminant blitz play this afternoon got my rating up to 1300. Makes it equally likely 1st game will be against higher or lower rated opponent.

Wish me luck. Spent 5 minutes writing this post.

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